Contract Research

Contract Research are mostly for individual solutions that developed in direct bilateral cooperation with our customers

Individual Contract Research

Individual order of services*

Single contract

Short to mid-term

Based on standard terms & conditions

Client defined topics

E.g. specified trial campaign, material validation and testing equipment leasing**, etc.

Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership are mostly developed in scientific scope/research areas on a contractual basis

Scientific Framework Contract

Based on the R&D commitment, ACTC resources are ensured

Mid to long-term

High flexibility on execution of individual projects within the framework contract

Governance Structure – Steering Committee

Shared vision and strategy

Continuous access to ACTC equipment and experts (HQP)

Development agenda

Catalyst for innovation

Share of experience, infrastructure and human resources

New materials, processes, products and markets

Pre-Competitive R&D

Pre-competitive developments mostly together with our cooperation partners in national or international collaborative projects

Collaborative Projects

Bilateral or with multiple partners

National / Regional / Global

Use of funding opportunities if available and requested

Industrial and/or R&D consortiums

International cooperation

Membership programs


Dr.-Ing. Timo Huber

Vice President, ACTC

T: +86 (512) 8988 8688