Hydraulic Press Station

Maximum 25,000 kN clamping force

Table size 3,200*2,200mm

Proactive parallelism control

Robotic handling system with an IR Oven

Capable of SMC Molding, PCM, Thermoplastic Compression Molding, Back Injection Molding processes

Tailored Blank Line - Fiberforge

Lay-up size up to 1,400*1,400mm on vacuum table

Tape width: 50 - 165mm

Ultrasonic spot welding

Angle cutting available

First Tailored Blank Line Fiberforge in Asia

Tailored Blank Line - Fibercon

Infrared heating up to 400℃

Thickness range: 0.6 - 6mm

Table size:1,740*940mm

Vacuum assisted consolidation

Low porosity of consolidated laminate

RTM/Wet Molding Station

Maximum 10,000 kN clamping force

Table size 2,500*2,000mm

Robotic handling & resin spray

Capable of HP-RTM, WCM, PCM, SMC Compression Molding processes

SMC Material Trial Line

Maximum width 1,600mm

Maximum speed 18m/min

Capable of producing with both carbon fiber & glass fiber

Capable of using epoxy, PU and other resin systems