The consistent use of lightweight materials enables sustainable and energy-efficient in industrial application & construction, adapted to the respective requirements of the entire system.

Examples of Composites Current Usage in Industrial Application & Construction

Robotic Arm


Piping for Highly Corrosive Chemicals

Filament Winding for Oil and Gas Pipe

CFRP Agricultural Sprayer Booms

Concrete Cladding Panels

Carbon Hangers

Composite Grid Reinforced Bridge Decking

CF Structural Girders for Pavilion

CF Lift Cables

Thermoplastic Rebar/Pillars

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Office Building Facade/Outside Cladding

Industrial Application and Construction Trends:

Lightweight solutions for precise and fast-moving system parts, Automatic machines

Concrete reinforcement by fibres and grids, fibre reinforced polymer composites in and around concrete structures, load-bearing cables