Material Characterization & Validation

Material characterization is essential for the design and manufacturing of composite component . ACTC is closely collaborating with engineering company Engenuity and bring their advanced testing experience into China to support:

  •  New material development
  •  Material card to support part design/simulation
  •  Material screening and selection

A comprehensive testing lab set up from sample preparation to testing


1,000mm max drop height

365kg max drop mass

0 - 8m/s velocity range

Patented crush testing system, verified by OEMs

250 KN Servo Hydraulic Fatigue Testing System

- Variable fixtures compatible to ASTM & ISO standards

Compatible for both coupon and part testing


- ASTM D3039 Tension

ASTM D6641 Combined Loading Compression

- ASTM D3518 In-Plane Shear

- ASTM D2344 Short Beam Strength

- ISO 19927 Double Beam Shear

Full Digital Image Correlation (DIC) data acquisition